Statement Pendants

Finding large, impressive stones for setting is an enjoyable, yet difficult job at times. We have therefore started sourcing and cutting our own rough material wherever possible. We restock and introduce new material every 6 months, and the images of the manufacturing process are available to our customers - we have found that they help drive retail sales.  

* Prices exclude VAT

Opal Wood 1 (2).jpg
Opal Wood 2 (2).jpg
Opal Wood 3 (2).jpg
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Opalised Fossil Wood, Java, Indonesia - £2.50 per gram

A unusual material consisting of compressed petrified wood which has been replaced by copper minerals in an opal to agate medium, it is relatively new to the market and has been a rapid seller.

Marston 1 (2).jpg
Marston 2 (2).jpg
Marston 3.jpg
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Marston Marble, Marston Magna, England - £1.80 per gram

Marston Marble is a rare English material from the village of Marston Magna in Wiltshire. It consists of  millions of small ammonites (Promicroceras planicosta), were killed in a single mass extinction some 200 million years ago, and is prized as for use in jewellery.

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Horn Coral, Utah, USA

From ancient coral reefs now lie thousands of feet up in the mountains of Utah, this 300 million year old material sold out the first time we exhinited it - we didn't even have time to photograph the finished pieces. One end of the section has been polished to reveal the amazing internal structure. These corals fossilised when the original organic material was replaced by silica and other minerals producing the brilliant coloration.

Below are some examples of other large pendants - new material arrives each June and December

DSC05135 (2).jpg
Natural Persian Turquoise
£3 per gram
DSC05094 (2).jpg
£0.75 per gram
DSC05044 (2).jpg
Rutilated Quartz
£3 per gram
DSC05035 (2).jpg
Sonora Sunrise
£2 per gram
DSC05127 (2).jpg
£1 per gram
DSC05097 (2).jpg
£2 per gram
DSC05004 (2).jpg
£2.50 per gram
DSC05022 (3).jpg
Fossilised Coral
£0.80 per gram
DSC05069 (2).jpg
K2 Jasper
£1 per gram
DSC05107 (2).jpg
Azurite Malachite
£1.20 per gram
DSC04994 (2).jpg
Trapiche Amethyst
£1.50 per gram
DSC05083 (3).jpg
£1.80 per gram
DSC05149 (2).jpg
£2.50 per gram
DSC05147 (2).jpg
Solar Quartz
£0.80 per gram